Editing Signage Pages

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Seeyour.events signage pages include a listings section and areas of editable overlays/branding. In the event that you need to edit overlays, or even change the title or Event Code of your signage, you can do so directly through your dashboard.

Editing your Freemium Show Guide

Your Freemium Show Guide will appear on your dashboard as “{your user name} Freemium Show Guide“. You’ll also see its status (Live) as well as links to edit or delete it. Freemium Show Guides include a banner for your branding, sponsorship or messages and an Event Code. Image overlays and the Freemium Show Guide Event Code can be altered by clicking the “edit” link. There’s no period of propagation when you edit either – your changes will appear straight away. It’s important to understand what an Event Code is and how it’ll affect the listings that are displayed on your Freemium Show Guide – for more information on Event Codes, read this article.

Editing Portrait Agendas and Landscape Show Guides (Enterprise and Corporate subscriptions)

Members of our Enterprise subscription pack can create Portrait Agendas and Landscape Show Guides directly from their dashboards. Once created, the signage page will be listed on the dashboard by its title, eg “Keynote Theatre”. Alongside the signage page name, are links to edit or delete the signage page and its current status, eg “Pending approval” or “Live“. For more information on creating signage pages, read this article in which we explain the short propagation period that occurs after signage pages are created.

Once propagation is complete, the signage page status will switch to “Live”. At this point, you can edit any overlays that you added and change the title or Event Code. Please note, changes to your Event Code or the signage page title may affect the listings that are displayed until a further propagation period is complete, though your signage page will remain live throughout. For more information on Event Codes, read this article. Editing images/overlays will not result in any additional propagation period.

Corporate Members

If you are a Corporate Member, your account manager can make any of the above changes for you. When they do so, there will be no period of propagation – changes, including signage page titles or Event Codes will not affect the listings that are displayed on your Portrait Agendas, Landscape Show Guides or Mobile Event Guides.

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Getting started

How to set your signage displays to the correct resolution

Seeyour.events is a web based, digital signage platform and subsequently can be loaded on any web browser, onto any display screen. Our Portrait Agendas and Landscape Show Guides include header, footer and full screen overlay sections on which you can display branding, messages and sponsorship/adverts. The most common image formats,

Go green! Go mobile!

Eliminate paper waste and printing costs - turn your event signage into an entire mobile event guide...