What is a Freemium Show Guide?

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Freemium Show Guides will display all of the listings, of a common Event Code. Subscribers to our Freemium subscription will have access to one Freemium Show Guide. It’ll initially include our demo Event Code and subsequently display our demo listings, though this can be changed to an Event Code of your own. After a short period of propagation, it’ll then display all the listings you create with that same Event Code. Freemium Show Guides are identical to Landscape Show Guides, without the ability to add overlays or footers.

Whilst a listing’s Display / Location isn’t required for it to display on your Freemium Show Guide, it will be shown underneath the listing if entered when creating the listing. Subsequently, your Freemium Show Guide can be used as a multi-room event guide which you might choose to display at your show entrance, on walkways or public areas such as cafes and seating areas. Or, it can be used to display all the listings at a singular club, theatre or venue for example.

Listings are displayed on an infinite, horizontal slider and can be updated with a manual page refresh, which will also update any changes you have made to your headers. Listings are displayed in upcoming date order and will be removed once their end date/time passes and when the page is refreshed.

Once initially loaded, a Freemium Show Guide doesn’t require an internet connection, except to load new content.

If you want to add branding overlays and customisable footers, whilst also removing Seeyour.events branding, consider subscribing to our Enterprise or Corporate level subscriptions. You’ll also subsequently be able to create additional Landscape Show Guides and Portrait Agendas.

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De Vere


Located next to Chancery Lane Underground station and a few minutes away from National Rail connections at Farringdon station, you’ll find De Vere Holborn Bars: a leading central London event venue for conferences, meetings, training and team-building. With the major transport hubs of Waterloo, Kings Cross, Euston and Liverpool Street

Getting started

Subscription levels and creating signage pages

Seeyour.events is a web based digital signage platform, with 3 different subscription levels. Each comes with a different method of creating signage pages and differing limits on the number of signage pages you can create under your subscription level. Freemium subscription Seeyour.events’ Freemium subscription is zero fee and forever free.

Go green! Go mobile!

Eliminate paper waste and printing costs - turn your event signage into an entire mobile event guide...